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Let me show you how I do keyword Research

A question I get asked a lot is; How do you do keyword research?

Keyword Research Process:

  1. Send us your list of Speed Keyword – for example a list of products or services or a list of keywords you would like to be found for!
  2. We will return the keyword research and data ready for you to use.
  3. We will then share the proven digital marketing methodology with you in the form of a 1 hour video. (package 5 and 10)
  4. We will then share a Zoom meeting room so we can answer questions. (package 10)

At this point you have 3 options, ask yourself the following:

  • I understand and can do the work myself – I don’t need any help thanks.
  • I need a little help and need the mentoring service to keep me on track please.
  • I understand but don’t have time – please give me a quote so you can do the work for me.

See an example of what your Keyword research data should look like


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