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Keyword Research – Done for you service

Keyword Research is essential to every business/company that does any selling online – We will carryout the keyword research for your business – £200.00 (10 products or services)

The research is carried out based on “The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology

Keyword Research – Your Digital Strategy relies on your ability to have identified relevant keywords and phrases that your customers are typing in to the search engine. If you fail to do this research correctly it will effect all your digital channels moving forward and you will not get the best ROI from your website marketing.

James Pybus – I am amazed how many people target the wrong keywords and phrases for their website and they wonder why they are not getting traffic to their websites.


Best Marketing Management Tool 2019

You will receive your data in this format: Hotels in London


Keywords for Hotels in London

In this format you can then begin to implement the Logic Digital Marketing Methodology.


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