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Digital Marketing Mentor – based on the Logic Digital Marketing Methodology – as described in ‘Lost In The Digital Noise – A Data-Driven Guide to Digital Marketing’, available on Amazon

DMIS Ltd has come a long way in the last 2 years. Our team has provided digital marketing training to over 300 SMEs in the Buckinghamshire area – but on reviewing a lot of their websites we realised that very few business owners were implementing what we had shown them in their training sessions.  After speaking to a number of delegates, it seemed that though students understood and appreciated the digital strategy training on the day and were excited to action the plan, most had no idea where to start by the time they got home.

At the other end of the scale were the large, global eCommerce businesses that we have worked with… We knew from experience that our ‘Logic Digital Marketing Methodology’ could be applied successfully to businesses both large and small, but we found that larger businesses were unwilling to adopt a simple, straightforward and low-cost digital strategy that was outside their comfort zone of ‘what’s been done before’ (usually unsuccessfully!).

What businesses haven’t realised is that a website is a website.  Whether you are an SME or a global company, the same thing needs to happen!

Solution: Digital Marketing Mentor/Methodology for SME’s and large businesses at fixed prices.

£249.00 per month x 6 months (Contract Period) then an on-going £95.00 per month as required.

We have developed a proven digital marketing methodology based on real data, that has been tried, tested and trusted by over 50 business websites.

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Digital Marketing Mentoring

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