Digital Marketing Mentoring Service

Benefit from our 25 years in Digital Marketing, creators of ‘The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology’  Designers of the ‘Keyword Strategy Tool’ which is 100% free to use. We can train you, your team or we offer a done for you service!

Free Audit Report

We will send you a comprehensive Report explaining the errors on your website.

Free Linking Report

We will send you a comprehensive Report explaining which websites link to your website.

Free Traffic Report

We will send you a comprehensive Report explaining where your website traffic is actually coming from.

Free Adwords Report

We will send you a comprehensive Report explaining your Adwords Spend.

How can we help your business be successful online?

We provide a digital framework called ‘The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology’ and a Free to use Keyword Research Tool that will deliver the data in the correct format to implement the Strategy.

STEP 1. Watch this 20 minute video which will outline the methodology.

STEP 2. You may have questions or you may already fully understand.
If you would like to implement the strategy on your website we can offer you 3 choices

Train you or your team

Fixed fee online zoom training session based on your website. Approximately 2 hours long but can go on for 3 hours depending on the questions. £249.00 recorded via zoom. The recording will be sent to you so you can share it with your team and in order, the message doesn't get diluted.

Hand-hold you or your team

Digital Marketing Mentoring Services for Business Owners, Web Professionals, PR and Marketing Agencies. £249.00 per month x 6 months (Contract Period) then an on-going £95.00 per month as required for on-going support based on 'The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology'.

'Done for your Service'

So you understand the methodology and don't have the time or resources - then the done for you service is an option at £2,500 for 6 months service we will do the keyword research, optimize your pages, setup the Adwords and provide guidance on the on-going content strategy.


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